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Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogshop CLOSED

It was a blast!
Blogshop is now officially closed.

Have fun catching folks!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Items update since closing down Sale

1) Chip and Dale Heart Collection
2) Transformer Lighter
3) Kapibarasan cup warmer
4) Audio - Tech Headphone
5) Walking  Hallowean Mickey
6) Shamrock Elmo
7) Bob Dog
8) Mystery Dog
9) Korilakkuma Tiger
10) Nightmare Watch
11) Mini Gloomy
12)Mini Love Bunny
13) Rilakkuma Speaker

Reserved (Please response on collection)

1) Graduate Pooh
2) Egg mouse
3) Cookie Monster Blooster
4) Scrump Pirate

All prices are at 30% discount.
Sorry no bargaining as they are already heavily discounted.
I am just clearing stock ,  any price lower , I may as well give it away : )
First to confirm or reserve with deposit gets the item.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Closing Down Sale

Sadly UFOCATCHERCORNER will be close for business effective 31st MAY

In the meantime , Good news for all shoppers!
Storewide sale of 30% off for any item
Collection will be as follows
1) Raffles MRT during weekday (9 to 5)
2) Tanah Merah MRT after 6 weekdays , 9 to 12 weekends (Depends if I am free)
3) Post -  add $2 normal $4 registered , Below $15 , add $2 meeting fee
4) No further reduction ( too cheap to reduce!) Price discount only applies to individual item , not set
5) To reserve beyond 1 week , to pay deposit of 50%
5) Any other Arrangement. Add $10 to $20 for transport (Transport and time does cost extra!)

First come first serve. Limited items avaliable

Friday, March 12, 2010

Transformer 'Optimus Prime'Lighter ( SOLD Apr 2010)

 Size ~ 5 cm tall

Code OT 8

A Tribute to the limited edition Transformer Lighter by Zippo
Use Zippo fuel to refuel.
This design with Optimus Prime is similar to the original design by Zippo.
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Chip and Dale Pink Hearts and Fruit collection (Hearts Sold!)

Size ~ 45 cm
Sale $27 
Code CD1

Dale with pink heart
Chip with Red Heart is in! (Photos this weekend)

Size ~45 cm
Sale $20 Each
Code CD 3

Dale with Apricot
Chip with Apple is in (Photos this weekend)

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Kapibarasan Cup and Warmer (SOLD)

Size of box ~ 15cm by 15 cm
Sale $20
Code K1
Kapibarasan fans , do you need a perpertually hot drink by your side while you work?
Get this USB powered heater and cup at UCC!
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Rilakkuma Speakers

Size ~ 24 cm
Sale $16
Code R8

Rilakkuma Speakers from San X
Can connect to most mp3/ phones or computer via speaker outlet
Comes wrapped!
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello Kittly 'Picnic' Set

Sale $20
Code HK5
Comes with Bag . Water Bottle and Container
(Food Excluded!)

Great set for a mini Picnic!
PINK and RED set avaliable!

Comes in a Nice Big Box!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mickey Mouse Watch

Size 24cm (Length)
Diameter ~ 3cm
Sale $20

Stylish Mickey Mouse watch in black.
Selling for at least $40 retail

Comes in a nice Black Container

Friday, March 5, 2010

Elmo send a Friend

Size ~ 50cm
Price $ 18
Code SS8
Already vacuum packed, flattened and sealed in clear plastic envelopes, Elmo is ready to send. The outer cardboard box packaging is designed especially for easy posting. All that's needed next is the address details, a personalised message and Send-A-Friend is right to go in the mail.

Original box is only 2 cm thick. You would not think that a plush is in there! Take it out of the box, cuddle it and it will be a full med size plush.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Korilakkuma ' Tiger' (SOLD)

Size ~ 45cm
Code R7
Sale $18

Korilakkuma (White Bear) avaliable.
If you have the Tiger Rilakkuma , get this to complete the set!
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UFO Catcher Tips ( Marina Square Prize Stage)

Actual plays from Prize Stage Marina Square
Credit  - Stupidjeri (youtube)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Pooh holding a heart

Ht 40cm (Sitted)
Sale $16
Code : P6

Need a valentine's gift?
Perfect gift to surprise your love one!
Soft and fluffy
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Moving Plushies Reduced Price

Always had an eye for the moveable plushies at the UFO Catcher machines?
Own one now at the cheapest price avaliable in Singapore!
All Moveable plushies at reduced price.
Click picture to see all of them!
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

T-Style Cordless Optical Mouse

Sale $18
Code TS 2
Cordless (Wireless) Mouse from T-Style
White Avaliable
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T-Style Desktop Scent Diffuser

Ht ~ 10 cm
Sale $16
Code TS 1
Desktop Scent Diffuser Powered by USB
Perfect for your home office or office desk!
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Suzy Zoo Bloster

Ht~ 45cm
Sale $14
Code SZ 3

Jumbo Size Bloster.
Perfect for a afternoon nap
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Hello Kitty Storage Box

Size 30 x 40 cm
Sale $16
Code HK 4

Rare Storage Box with Divider. Suitable for Storage of Plushies!
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Tony Chopper Mini Standing Figure

Ht ~ 10cm
Sale $8
Code TC7

Mini Standing Chopper. Avaliable - Black T Chopper
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Mini Tony Chopper Pirate

Ht~ 20cm
Sale $6
Code TC 6

Comes with a suction cup . Can hang on car windows to entertain the little kids
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shamrock ( Lucky Leaf) Elmo (SOLD)

Ht~35 cm
Sale $14
Code SS7

Big Head Elmo holding a Shamrock!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Suzy's Zoo Boof

Size 35 cm (Sitted)
Sale at $15
Code SZ2
Rare Suzy's Zoo Boof for sale!
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Elecom Egg Mouse

The iconic Egg Mouse from Japan
Retails for JPY 2950 (SGD 45)
Get it at UCC for SGD 15
Code Ot7

Only original egg orange avaliable

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Strawberry Bob Dog (SOLD)

Ht ~ 32cm
Sale $14

Nicely wrapped up in organza . Perfect Valentine Day Gift
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Huge Forever Friends Bear

Ht ~ 48 cm
Usual SGD 80 ( Retails at Precious Thots for a similar size)
Sale at $28
Code VD 1
That is a whopping 62% discount from retail!
Comes with a Forever Friend Tag.
Yellow shirt and overalls can be remove.
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

UFO Catcher Review

Since its the new year, perhaps a review of the outlets will be good
(No vested interest in any of outlets review)
1) Prize Stage Marina - IMHO best place for catch. Never leave the place empty at any occasion. There are catchable toys but only if you observe hard. Go for the machines with depleted toys display , it shows how catchable the toys are. New plushies every alternate week. New setups weekly. Mix of 2 and 3 claws.

2) TKA Suntec - Lots of UFO Catcher , but mostly 3 claws. FInd it more difficult as I am not an expert in 3 claw machines. Plushies are updated

3) Prize Station East Coast - Catchable plushies (mostly 2 claw set up). 3 claws are tough and most of the time by luck. 2 Claws set ups are catchable. Plushies not updated  (Some make be replica as well!)

4) Zone X Downtown East - Biggest Zone X UFO catcher. However disappointing place to try. Setups are almost impossible and I hardly see anyone catching a plush there. Some items are really getting old and overstock! Better luck elsewhere...

5) Iluma- Most expensive place to catch. Per catch now increase to $3 ++ . Have in house plushies , but for the price not worth it IMHO. Toys seem catchable but definately more than 2 tries to suceed.

6) TKA Bugis - Have not been there for quite some time. Small corner compared to TKA Suntec

7) TKA Plaza Singapura - Similar to Suntec. However seem like the setup is friendlier than Suntec

8) PrizeStage Plaza Singapura - Somehow the setups seem more difficult than Marina Square. Still prefer the original

9) Zone X Eastpoint - Still catchable but limited machines. Old Stock
10) Timezone - Waste of time . Impossible setups and weak claws. Might as well use your money to play the arcade games instead.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cookie Monster Mini Bolster

Ht ~ 40cm
Sale $12
Code SS6

Mini Bolster- Good for hugging!
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Walking Suzy Zoo Boof

Ht ~ 40cm (Hat to Toe)
Sale $18
Code SZ1

Rare Suzy Zoo walking Boof. ( No Tag)
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